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About Us


Maharaja Furniture creates an intimate atmosphere emphasizing relaxed formality—a reflection of the client’s lifestyle & Personality. The Furniture in our production follows long tradition of artisan furniture-making techniques that reveal all of the carpentry skills.

Our products in MAHARAJA FURNITURE stand out for its highly skilled furniture making techniques, the use of rare wood and precious woods, fine engraving, precious inlays, all these aspects reveal the personality and quality of each piece of furniture, making them authentic.

The Maharaja Furniture was launched in 1980 with this vision in mind and ever since, has been rewriting the rules of the Indian Furniture industry. All the showrooms have been designed to deliver never before levels in luxury, feel good factor (Royal Exotica Style), in Indian History.

Maharaja Furniture is recognized amongst the finest in south Indian city and for the last 18 years has been producing the most beloved styles with the highest level of care and affection. The quality, durability and design of our products are second to none. And it is the service and warranty that ensures our success. Maharaja Furniture’s commitment towards quality, as well as the constant testing of our products bears witness to our continuing achievements and gives us further recognition through the certification of our quality system in accordance with client’s standard.

Maharaja Furniture Furniture Unit is moving towards becoming a Global organization with its trust on behalf of their Valuable staff and Maharaja Furniture Code of Conduct. After a successful performance in the Indian market, we have been planning to reach the shores of European and western countries in a very big way..

Currently, we are on the threshold of extensive expansion plans carrying ourselves in our journey towards becoming a “World Class Indian Ultimate Furnishing Solution brand”.

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